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How New Air Compressor Technology Can Benefit Your Company

June 28, 2023

Air Compressor

For companies, the best way to save energy is to use new air compressor technology. In fact, it can save nearly 30% of the total consumption. Here are some ways in which using new air compressor technology can benefit the company –

• Reduce Energy Output – The main application of variable speed compressor is in fan and pump applications. An air compressor makes use of AC drive for controlling the unit’s speed which saves energy. When the energy saving is compared to a fixed speed compressor, the benefits are quite high. These compressors reduce energy output by controlling the motor’s speed and ensuring that it runs at the required speed and not faster.

Traditionally, compressors were run at the maximum speed, stopping only when the air had been compressed to the right pressure. The compressed air was then stored to allow pressure hysteresis. This is wasteful because of the speed at which the motor runs irrespective of the requirement.

A variable speed compressor will also control the voltage and current’s waveform with near power unity. This movement ensures that the performance of the application is accurate and reduces the cost of power and surges of power, in addition to delivering constant pressure.

• Positive Displacement – Displacement compressors are of two types – rotary screw and reciprocating. Compressors using rotary screw displacement make use of two helical screws for forcing the gas in a small space which are then used for continuous operations in companies. They can create increased pressure irrespective of the speed. Such positive displacement compressors making use of rotary screws save a lot of energy, whatever the load condition.

For a company wishing to reduce the costs of energy, it is essential to evaluate how the air and energy is used. The company should have an audit for not just determining how beneficial a new technology air compressor will be but to also understand the energy savings.

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